Docker Compose

NOTE: All the commands listed on this guide must be ran from the root of the project.

To deploy Prometheus & Grafana and to setup all the nice graphs that we got ready for you, simply:

$ docker-compose -f ./deploy/docker-compose/docker-compose.monitoring.yml up -d

Wait for the deployment to be ready. Check the status with

$ docker-compose -f ./deploy/docker-compose/docker-compose.monitoring.yml ps

Importing The Dashboards

You only need to do this once:

$ docker-compose \
    -f ./deploy/docker-compose/docker-compose.monitoring.yml \
    run \
    --entrypoint /opt/grafana-import-dashboards/ \
    --rm \

Accessing The Services

Once the services are up & running you can access them with the following URLs:

Grafana Credentials

Username Password
admin foobar