Deploying Sock Shop on Mesos using minimesos

minimesos is an in memory mesos cluster. This script will deploy the demo application to mesos.


Starts the weavedemo microservices application on minimesos.

Requirements: Docker, weave and minimesos must be installed.

start             Starts weave, minimesos and the demo application
stop              Stops weave, minimesos and the demo application

--force           Skip all user interaction.  Implied 'Yes' to all actions.
-q, --quiet       Quiet (no output)
-l, --log         Print log to file
-s, --strict      Exit script with null variables.  i.e 'set -o nounset'
-v, --verbose     Output more information. (Items echoed to 'verbose')
-d, --debug       Runs script in BASH debug mode (set -x)
-h, --help        Display this help and exit
--version     Output version information and exit


sudo curl -sSL | sh

sudo curl -sSL | sh
sudo mv ~/.minimesos/bin/minimesos /usr/bin/

sudo curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/weave
sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/weave
cd deploy/minimesos-marathon
./ start

Running the load test

There is a separate load-test available to simulate user traffic to the application. For more information see Load Test. This will send some traffic to the application, which will form the connection graph that you can view in Scope or Weave Cloud.

cd deploy/minimesos-marathon
docker run --rm --net=host weaveworksdemos/load-test -d 300 -h localhost -c 2 -r 100

Cleaning up

cd deploy/minimesos-marathon
./ stop